Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Day´s Work

Today I was working (again) in my project (still unnamed), to better show you my work for the project, decided to create a new "framework" (label) for the blog, The Day's Work and I'll post a good start has been doing WHAT:
1 - I worked on developing the idea in general to have a more certain aim in relation to direct work with the tools.
2 - I gave continuity to the work of "design" of my "Earth" will be the "entrance" to my levels.
3 - Continue playing the story mode to collect items, materials and stickers to give more details to my levels.
4 - adptações've been thinking about for a future version compatible with PlayStation Move (see the "Pack Moves" was announced).
Among outors work I was developing that very soon you oped.


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