Monday, August 29, 2011

Music Mix

Music, there is nothing better to relax, reflect, rethink, or just enjoy a song, but wait ... pensandooque you must be the music has to do with Little Big Planet 2?
Actually a lot ... at least for me since I spend hours listening to music during the night weighing, writing and taking ideis future that will be used in my project (which in fact that a lot of time looking for a good name for it) or when I'm in a slot of my LBP on the same moon ... OK enough talking, what do I bring today is a new session of the blog where I will be recommending to the songs that I think can be very good or even inspiring.
The first one is that she and her band really marked me for doing my favorite styles of music (acid jazz, pop, jazz ....), using a mixture of "classic" with a little "modern" (in fact it was made in 1993 is still good) can do "tone" great, she's Emergency on Planet Earth music of the American band Jamiroquai.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Day´s Work

Today I was working (again) in my project (still unnamed), to better show you my work for the project, decided to create a new "framework" (label) for the blog, The Day's Work and I'll post a good start has been doing WHAT:
1 - I worked on developing the idea in general to have a more certain aim in relation to direct work with the tools.
2 - I gave continuity to the work of "design" of my "Earth" will be the "entrance" to my levels.
3 - Continue playing the story mode to collect items, materials and stickers to give more details to my levels.
4 - adptações've been thinking about for a future version compatible with PlayStation Move (see the "Pack Moves" was announced).
Among outors work I was developing that very soon you oped.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

The work began!

Today I come to you with great joy to announce that has started working on a major project for the LBP 2 (All rights reserved to Media Molecule) for now I can not give much detail thins this is just a beginning and many things yet to be made and explored, but everything must have a beginning and this project is already yours.
Soon I'll post more news!


Welcome to WR Games, blog created by me (Wilbor) aprsentar for all my projects of phases in the game Little Big Planet 2 (all right game for Media Molecule), all development projects will be displayed here until your result end.
Besides posting news of the game all the time.

Hope you enjoy!


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